Benefits of Sweet Cabbage Extract💚

This is not your regular cabbage juice! Most cabbage extracts taste like stinky sauerkraut juices, however our Sweet Cabbage Extract is naturally sweetened with apple and broccoli! You can drink it straight up without the nasty aftertaste!⠀

Benefits of Sweet Cabbage Extract:⠀
💚Low-Calorie: A guilt-free option that can be consumed at any time:⠀
Green cabbage juice is a terrific fat-free daily supplement with only 32 calories per box.⠀
Get these veggie juice packs to boost your energy and help you recover faster.⠀

💚100% Natural, 100% Beneficial to your health:⠀
Our ulcer-fighting green cabbage juice is high in vitamins and minerals that support intestinal health.⠀
Naturally strengthen your stomach lining and eat more comfortably.⠀

💚Conveniently Packed in Spill-Proof Pouches:⠀
Take this vegetable juice with you wherever you go.⠀
Great for after a workout or whenever you need a boost of energy.

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