Difference between salts

Salt comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.
So, what constitutes "good salt"?
Why is one type of salt different from another? Here, we compare common table salt, Bamboo salt, Himalayan salt.

Table Salt—
Table salt, sometimes known as common or kitchen salt, is made chemically from other salts, such as sea salt.
Table salt is treated in such a way that it only contains sodium chloride (including bleaching for the white color).

Bamboo Salt—
Bamboo salt (Jukyeom) is a distinctive Korean salt created from sea salt harvested from the Yellow Sea.
It was created in Korea hundreds of years ago as a health cure for the Korean people.

— Bamboo salt is used for treating sore throats owing to its anti-inflammatory properties.
— Bamboo salt detoxifies the body. It safeguards the vessels and blood cells from bacteria and toxins. It also enhances the body’s antibiotic resistance.
— Bamboo salt acts as a blood coagulator and helps in fighting bacterial infection.

Himalayan Salt—
— Himalayan salt is known to be the best air purifier. It cleanses the air of dust, dander, and other pollutants.
— Himalayan salt elixir is an excellent way to make up for the lost electrolytes from the body.

To replace your regular table salt, we recommend going with the 1x or 3x roasted bamboo salt in granule form rather than the purple bamboo salt. It’s also more economical!

Purple Bamboo Salt is more used for medicinal health purposes, and so it's better to go for the 1x or 3x roasted bamboo salt for your daily kitchen salt.

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