Korean black raspberry, also known as bokbunja🖤🍓

For many years, the Korean black raspberry, also known as bokbunja, has been a local secret.🖤🍓

Koreans have known about the benefits of this extraordinary fruit for a long time and have been enjoying it.✨ 

Many more individuals are now aware of the black raspberry's remarkable medicinal properties.

The main benefits of the black raspberry include anti-cancer properties, antioxidant traits, and the super ability to make you look naturally healthy and beautiful. They offer all the goodness of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Anthocyanins.✨ 

While black raspberries can be eaten fresh, they are perishable and cannot be preserved for long periods of time.✨ 

As a result, Insan Healing/Kpurity carefully formulated this fermented Black Raspberry Bokbunja Extract.✨ 

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