12 Ways To Remember To Drink Water

12 Ways To Remember To Drink Water

By: @nutritionstripped

Here are creative ways and tips to stay hydrated throughout the day and to help remember to drink enough water throughout the day.

Hydration is important every day no matter how hot or cold the weather is. The beginning stages of dehydration can make you feel a little lethargic, may cause headaches, cause a feeling of “hunger” yet it’s thirst, dry skin, chapped lips, and constipation.

Water plays a role in metabolism, cellular membrane function, regulating our body temperature (sweating is a great example), aiding in digestion to break down foods, helps deliver oxygen throughout your entire working body, aids in digestion from saliva production (which also houses digestive enzymes), lubricates joints, helps our brains create hormones and neurotransmitters, keeps our mucosal membranes moist (think of your lung and digestive tissues), transports nutrients from our foods (especially water-soluble vitamins), and keeps our cells rejuvenated, reproducing, and surviving.

12 ways to remember to drink water:

1. Use a colorful water bottle

2. Hourly alarms

3. Drinking out of a clear container

4. Place water bottles wherever you frequent

5. Make markings on your bottle

6. Dress it up

7. Make it tea

8. Plan the night before

9. Use a reusable straw

10. Use an app

11. Have backups

12. Make time markers