Naega-One Far Infrared Heat & Negative Ion Single Mat + Cover Mat (Combo Healing Mat)

Naega-One Far Infrared Heat & Negative Ion Single Mat + Cover Mat (Combo Healing Mat)

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It's time to improve your overall wellbeing! The Naega One Wellbeing Mat is your ultimate benefit for medical and therapeutic gains. It offers numerous health benefits utilizing far infrared rays, negative ion therapy, and the amazing electric superconducting properties of pure carbon fiber which penetrate deep into the innermost recesses of the body, helping to reduce stress and fatigue. Within seconds of using the Naega One Mat, you will feel the warmth of the infrared rays encompassing your body (where applied) as negative ions are produced--optimizing your body's overall functioning and wellbeing. The Naega One Wellbeing Mat is perfect for medical professionals and great for personal use at home, the office, and for travel.

The Naega One Wellbeing Mat has the ability to penetrate to the body's cellular level thereby providing the numerous health benefits including:

  • Relaxes muscles and relieves tension throughout the body
  • Improves sleep
  • Relieves minor joint pains and stiffness including arthritis, back pain, and spasms
  • Oxygenates tissue and cells
  • Helps increase circulation and reduces inflammation

      The Naega One Mat's unique design is based on Nobel prize-winning research of ionic channels and infrared technology used by NASA. Its high-quality construction includes the use of carbon fiber, the major conductor of electricity converted into far infrared rays. The Naega One Mat offers an optional non-heat mode that utilizes Negative Ions to help recharge your body on a cellular level. This mat is your MUST HAVE daily secret weapon for safe and natural wellness and health.


      Use the mat 20-30 minutes 2-3 times per day and you'll feel the effects where applied. Use in heated FAR and Negative-Ion modes.

      It is recommended to use the Naega One Mat during a full night's sleep (6-8 hours). Just a few minutes a day and/or using it while you sleep and you'll gain an advantage to your energy, overall health, and wellbeing!

      Offers dual zone (upper/lower) heat control for added comfort.


      Your health and improvement is the #1 priority

      Naega-One is a leading global company in the revolution of personal health products and well-being.

      Helping you maintain a healthy, happy, and balanced life is the company's ultimate goal. Utilizing modern medicine while integrating ancestral knowledge along with the technology of today, Naega-One and its product line can help to achieve total wellness. Discover natural healing in the most relaxing way.

      Over the course of many decades, scientific evidence has proven that heat can maintain and enhance the well-being of the human body. Pure FIR is completely safe, all you have to do with the Naega-One mat is lie down and relax.

      The TOP 10 most common medical conditions said to be aided by heated mats:

      1. Stress and tension

      2. Poor blood circulation

      3. Back pain or muscle pain, stiffness, or spasms

      4. Migraine or tension headaches

      5. Depression, anxiety, and insomnia

      6. Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue

      7. Weight management

      8. Bronchial asthma/COPD

      9. Arthritis

      10. Symptoms of chronic illness

      Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

      Then you need this mat!

      What is FIR Therapy?


      The visible range of the sun's light includes the all-familiar rainbow of colors. But, only 44% of the full spectrum of sunlight is in the visible range. High-frequency ultraviolet rays makeup 4% and can age skin prematurely and are known to cause cancerous changes. Low-frequency infrared rays makeup 52% and are not harmful to our bodies and skin. Infrared light transmits more heat than ordinary light. FIR therapy uses Far Infrared Rays to provide some of the benefits of sunshine without direct exposure to the sun and dangerous ultraviolet rays.

      How Does FIR Therapy Work?

      FIR light raises the body's temperature. This increases circulation via the dilation of blood vessels, which does not increase blood pressure. FIR heat penetrates past the skin and our insulating fatty layer, 1.5 inches into the body. The heat invigorates the body at a cellular level. The body responds to FIR therapy mats faster than to traditional heating pads, and the effects continue even after use is ended.

      What Are The Benefits of FIR Therapy?

      Studies have shown that FIR therapy enhances blood circulation, reduces ischemia, exerts an anti-inflammatory effect, reduces pain, and promotes better sleep. FIR waves may also destroy cancer or viral cells.

      The Naega-One mat heat therapy may stimulate weight loss

      Women have reported losing weight faster after pregnancy when utilizing the mat. FIR therapy led to a faster recovery and a more active lifestyle! FIR therapy can also help those struggling with obesity.

      The mat can heat up to 70 degrees Celcius (158 degrees Fahrenheit), and it is completely safe to use in the home and draws very little electricity while in use.

      Works while you rest and relax

      Safe to use in the home, there is no risk of fire/heat danger and is eco-friendly. Controlled zones offer customization and timers will turn the mat off automatically.

      Negative Ion Therapy

      What are negative ions?

      An ion is an atom or molecule with an electrical charge, either positive or negative. Ions are naturally created when things such as sunlight, radiation, or moving water break apart molecules of the air. The environments around mountains, waterfalls, and rollings oceans are rich in negative ions.

      What is negative ion therapy?

      Negative ion therapy uses negative ions to produce beneficial effects. Many people find it improves their health, particularly in the areas of depression, bronchial issues, allergies, blood pressure, stress, and the removal of toxins.

      How does it work?

      Positive ions can be absorbed from sunlight or electronic devices like computers and cell phones and can inhibit cell functioning. Negative ions boost a cells ability to use nutrients and remove waste, increase oxygen flow to the brain, and balance the body's pH by decreasing its acidity. Research has shown negative ions increase collagen production, make cell membranes more permeable, and help strengthen the immune and autonomic nervous systems. Negative ions also maintain a balance between insulin and the adrenal functions, while increasing ions in calcium and sodium, thereby raising the body's alkalinity.

      By producing deep penetrating light waves along with negative ions that activate the body at the molecular level, the Naega-One mat is capable of administering stress releasing, soothing stimulation that helps to relieve a variety of symptoms.

      Customers rave about the healing benefits they feel after using the mat. The lightweight, quality constructed mat fits perfectly over your existing mattress.

      Model NG3000 offers quad-zone control for ultimate comfort, relaxation, and customization!

      The mat is easy to install and use almost anywhere you can lay on it. It is durable, easy to clean and lightweight design makes it convenient to keep in the home or even take with you when traveling.

      Similar mats are made with simply an outer cover and cotton filler, but the Naega-One mat is comprised of many layers, each with its own important function.

      The mat is constructed of very thin layers that conduct Far Infrared Rays (FIR) that are not visible to the naked eye, however, the body experiences FIR energy as gentle radiant heat which can penetrate up to 1.5 inches (almost 4 cm) beneath the skin. The thermo covers on the mat conduct FIR heat as you lay on top, yet it is safe to the touch and will not burn.

      What does it feel like laying on the mat?

      The slow release of heat from the mat stimulates and relaxes the circulatory system. This aids the muscles in releasing toxins and helps the body heal. It softens tense muscles, easing pain and spasms and bringing a feeling of peace and well-being. Relaxation spreads throughout the tissues, stress is released, and your body, mind, and spirit are energized and rejuvenated.

      How should I use the mat?

      Place the mat on a flat surface (i.e. mattress, floor). Plug in the control unit to an outlet and turn on by pressing the red button(s) on the control unit. Set each zone to the desired temperature, ranging from 35 to 70 degrees celcius (95 to 158 degrees farenheit), with the gold buttons on the control unit. Start with a lower temperature setting and adjust with the user?€?s comfort levels and varying ailments. The negative ion therapy setting does not use heat, yet still offers you the benefits of the mat. To activate, press the green button on the control unit. The negative ion therapy mode is active with scrolling green lights on the top of the panel.

      Both therapy modes on the unit will automatically shut off after a 12 hour period, but also include hourly, interval settings to shut off the mat at your control.

      Each therapy mode is equipped with an automatic Eco Sleep Timer to automatically shut off the mat if left unattended and/or unused for an extended period of time. The display will show “SL” where the temperature is read when the Eco Sleep Timer is activated. To deactivate/reset the Eco Sleep Timer, simply hold down the temperature increase button for a few seconds, and it will be reset.

      Naega-One gives you the power to heal your body while you sleep!

      The mat's unique therapeutic properties are based on Nobel Prize-winning research on ionic channels.

      Naega-One is registered with the FDA, CE, GMP, and certified by the respected US and International labs.

      Made in South Korea.


      This information is not intended to cure, diagnose, give advice on, or treat any medical condition. Please consult with a physician before use of this product. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Information with regard to our products does not reflect or represent product claims. Naega-One assumes no responsibility for the improper use of its products or for a user's self-diagnosis and/or treatment using its products. Naega-One products should not be used as a substitute for medically supervised therapy. If you suspect you suffer from clinical deficiencies, consult a licensed, qualified medical professional.


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